Barbara Carole
Barbara Carole Twelve Stones

Notes on a Miraculous Journey

An Intensely Personal,
Unorthodox Journey to Faith

Twelve Stones is a voyage of discovery, a journey through some hard times, poor decisions, and colorful adventures to wholeness and redemption.

It is the true story of a secular Jew who worships Art and Romance. She tries to unravel the meaning of existence and make every moment a masterpiece, living and loving with passion - though not always with wisdom - in Parisian garrets and in Moroccan villages, in the light of Southern France and on the sunny California coast. While embracing the drama of life and inhaling the fragrance of flowers along her path, her search is sometimes misguided by intensity and misled by her intellect.

At the zenith of her quest, Barbara discovers something even more meaningful than truth: she encounters the Source of love. Her life-changing confrontation with the living God transforms a strong-willed, sensual, tough-minded individualist. Then the real journey begins.

Twelve Stones Notes on A Miraculous Journey

© 2008 Barbara Carole
Author Photo by Hilling Fine Portraiture