Barbara Carole
Barbara Carole Twelve Stones

Discussion Topics for Book Clubs

  1. When Barbara finds herself pregnant at the age of 15, how do each of her parents react? What are her parents' motives? What are the motives of her boyfriend's parents? Are they the same? Are they, in your opinion, legitimate? Was their collective decision the best for Barbara?

  2. An important theme in the book is the concept of "friendship." What are key friendships in the book? Which ones nurture? Which ones disappoint?

  3. Another important theme is "fear." Barbara is always seeking a "safe" place. How do you relate to that?

  4. Barbara's best friend, Lorna, speaks bluntly to her about things Barbara would rather avoid. How do you respond to a friend who speaks bluntly when (s)he thinks it's something you need to hear, even if unpleasant? Would you rather a friend speak up or hold his/her peace? Why or why not?

  5. Barbara is on the path of a corporate career: is it in her best interest? Is it good for her? What alternatives does she have?

  6. What is the influence of Barbara's father on her life? How does it affect her decisions? How does it affect her positively or otherwise?

  7. In the story, a number of supernatural events take place which the author affirms are all true, and all happened. What do you make of them?

  8. Barbara marries a non-believer against the dictates of her faith. Why do you think she did that? Do you think it was the right decision?

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